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Business Fraud



u$s 550


• 7 hours investigation

• 2 detectives

• 1 copy of obtained high definition video

• 1 copy of obtained photos

• 1 copy of detailed report



BUENOS AIRES Province Up to 75  mi . 

Other city upon request 

+1 investigation vehicle

Matrimonial Suit



The rate of a private detective can be significant less than the value of not knowing

Do you occasionally concern about what your child gets up to when they’re out with friends? Are you separated from your partner and want to know what they’re doing, whether you’re formulating for divorce proceedings or not? Let us help. These are the modest interrogations that can keep you up at evening, stopping you from appreciating your life and care you from carrying out at work and in other activities.

 Numerous people wonder if they can spend money on a private detective, we ask, can you afford not to? Can your existence afford you not knowing the response to these questions? Our flat charges mean that you know accurately what you’re up for. we make it simple, easy and reasonable to find out the answers you need.

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u$s 500


• 6-7 hours investigation

• 2 detectives

• 2 copies of obtained high definition video

• 2 copies of obtained photos

• 2 copies of detailed report


Buenos Aires Capital Federal 

Buenos Aires  Province up to 75 mi .

Other city upon request 

+1 investigation vehicle

ARGENTINA Prosess Service

The Hague Service Convention

 The Republic of Argentina ratified the Convention of 15 November 1965 on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Document in Civil or Commercial Matters, also called The Hague Service Convention, on February 2, 2001 and its provisions entered into effect on December 1, 2001.

US attorneys seeking service in Argentina would be wise to familiarize themselves with the mandatory character of the Convention as set forth in Volkswagenwerk, A.G, v. Schlunk, 486 U.S. 694 (1988).

Canadian attorneys should consult provincial precedent. Canadian courts take a more nuanced view of the Convention, but effectively reach the same conclusion: its limitations must be observed.

Regardless of forum requirements, the service rules of the receiving country must be observed, or enforcement of a judgment may become impossible.

u$s 450

/3 atemps 

• 3 atemtmps 

• 2 detectives (Every operation)

• 1  copies ofr

• 2 copies of obtained photos

• 2 copies of detailed report

Terms and conditions

Quotation will be provided upon request for any other services not mentioned above.
Our company is committed to maintain all case information to be kept confidential.
The quotation of services are included into the general expenses for the investigation such as local buses, mini-buses, and subway fares. For any extra expenses derived such as taxi fare, meals, and hotel accommodations during the investigation process will be included onto the bill and has to be paid for by the clients.

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